Sep 5, 2010
The Journal of Medical Informatics and Technologies (MIT) is a well established refereed international journal for publishing scientific papers. The topics of interest are related to the Medicine, Applied Computer Science and Biometrics.
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Aug 5, 2010

We are pleased to announce new website of Biometric Research Centre.

In this site you can find information about research, evaluation and development in the area of biometric recognition systems. For example, fingerprint, face, or voice recognition.


The Biometric Research Centre associated with the Computer Systems Department at University of Silesia is active since 2004.

The main purpose of the Centre is to advance the performance of biometric systems especially used for either personal identification or verification.

The Centre provides consultancy and independent evaluations of biometric systems, to government agencies and industry.

Focus Areas:

  • Fingerprint recognition

  • Signature recognition

  • Lip print identification

  • Gait recognition

  • Face recognition

  • Voice recognition